about poimo

What's poimo?

poimoは、公共交通機関と目的地をシームレスにつなぐファーストマイル/ラストマイルを担うことを目的として、東京大学川原研究室・新山研究室とmercari R4Dが共同研究している新しいモビリティです。

poimo” is a new mobility which aims at supporting the first mile / last mile and connecting public transportation and destinations seamlessly. This is a collaboration between Kawahara Lab / Niiyama Lab of the University of Tokyo and mercari R4D of Mercari, Inc.



poimo” combines personal mobility and soft robotics technology, which is soft, safe, and lightweight enough for people to carry. Users can ride it on and off anywhere. To reduce the weight of its body along with its inflatable structure, we have developed a wireless / batteryless powering system suitable for this mobility in cooperation with the wireless power transfer group.

Light & Strong Material


Made of a drop stitch material that is light and strong. It has been confirmed that it can support a person's weight in a load test.

Inflatable Structure


Steering structure that utilizes a pneumatic features.

Publication / Demo

"Soft yet Strong Inflatable Structures for a Foldable and Portable Mobility", CHI 2020 Interactivity

"TOKYO ROBOT COLLECTION". Takeshiba, Tokyo. 2019